The plugins are fully functional but will output 2s silence every 60s until the WoodSynth Mac app is bought from the Mac App Store and is present in the Applications folder.

Buy the WoodSynth Mac app

WoodSynth audio plugins for MacOS

WoodSynth 3.7.3 plugins installer

contains the AU, VST3 (NOT for NKS) plugins.

The AU now supports midi v2 UMP 16/32 bits in LogicPro

Minimum MacOS version : 10.13

Latest version : 3.7.3 (Optimised for the M1 arm64 cpu)

New : Midi V2 CI Property Exchange

WoodSynth 3.7.3 AU instrument only installer.

use in DAW's like Ableton which places the normal AU in an effects slot.

In this version Ableton Link is disabled to prevent a crash in Ableton 11.

The AU instrument now supports midi v2 UMP 16/32 bits in LogicPro

WoodSynth 3.6.1 AAX installer for Pro Tools

now supporting the new Pro Tools 2023.6 3D bus widths (7.1.4, 7.1.6, 9.1.6)

WoodSynth 3.7.3  NI (Native Instruments) NKS(2) VST3 installer

NKS is a registered trademark of Native Instruments GmbH.

contains WoodSynth VST3 (with support for NKS2 for the new MK3 keyboards), NKS2 presets, NKS2 previews and all files needed to integrate with NI Komplete Kontrol .or Machine. Compatible with the NKS MK2 keyboards